Mark Zandveld was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and started with guitar lessons when he was thirteen. After a few years he switched over to bass, though he still enjoys the guitar as well. He worked with several jazz, funk, soul, and rhythm & blues bands, amongst others: Lee Roberts & the Sweaters with soul-legend Arthur Conley. A unique last live recording by this artist was released on vinyl and later on CD.

After a period of extensive gigging in the Dutch, and especially Amsterdam, club scene, he went to Hollywood to study at the renowned Bass Institute of Technology. He completed his study receiving the “Yamaha Bass Player of the Year Award”.

Back in the Netherlands, Mark played with a variety of Dutch and American R & B, funk, and jazz groups and artists. With the experience of his study in America, Mark also started teaching, both private and at a music school. After a year long stay in Portugal (where he worked with jazz vocalist Maria Viana) he lived several years in Spain where he started to work with American jazz vocalist Deborah J. Carter.

Since 1993 Mark works steadily with (and is since 1994 married to) American jazz vocalist Deborah J. Carter. After moving to Amsterdam together, they started their company JoyFelt Productions, for which they produced albums. Besides the regular basist Mark is also the bandleader of the Deborah J. Carter Quartet. In the past years their activities include theater concerts, jazz festivals and clubs, TV and radio performances, and seminars in Holland, China, Japan, Tunisia, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Belgium, Malta, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, France, England, Canada, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

In 2012, Mark released the first CD of his group Zandscape, for which he writes all the material. His compositional skills are well received by the press. The band, featuring vibraphone, guitar, bass and drums, plays well-rehearsed intricate arrangements that leave plenty of room for extensive, and at times collective, improvisation as well.

Below a short interview (in Dutch) recorded at the Jazzdag jazz network event.


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